Merchandise Design

Ferrucci's team of in-house designers has created thousands of product designs, ranging from corporate professional, to outright outrages where our creative juices overflow. Product customization is our speciality. Such services include logo print, colour palette, material and product build. We will sit down with you and discuss your detailed specifications, whereby then, come up with a variety of designs that suits your specifications.

Product Sourcing and Logistics

Our highly valued offering includes our ability to offer the best quality products at the best prices. This is due to our extensive contacts and experience with our suppliers and manufacturers from various countries. Additionally, we ensure timely arrivals of shipments and quality control checks to ensure only the best products arrive at your warehouse.

Product Concept and Idea Consultancy

Our team of product consultants are well experienced in numerous promotional campaigns and are able to offer your company the most suitable and eye-catching products that are on market today. Whether it's your marketing campaign or brand restructuring, we know the perfect product to match your goals and desires.

Brand Alliance Partnerships

The pride and joy of Ferrucci has been our ability to acquire and maintain strong affiliations with reputable brands, thus associating your company with such names. Recent brands include Lamborghini and top English Football Stars. This not only creates immense awareness in your products, but boosts your corporate image to new heights.